Interview Series

Targeting the Number Nine, Episode 1

Targeting the Number Nine: NISA Nation Interview Series By: NISA Nation Staff The No.9 in soccer traditionally has a job to do. Score goals and change the game.  For NISA Nation’s first interview series, we will focus on the Number Nine – the game changers ahead of NISA’s debut.  These are the game changers who have helped NISA to get up on its feet and made it possible for the players to play and represent communities across the NISA Nation. In this series, ...

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You Want Answers

You Want Answers By: NISA Nation Staff Soccer twitter can be a scary place but as the time gets closer and closer to kick-off, NISA wants to connect with fans – and knows there are lots of interested people with questions.  So on behalf of the NISA clubs, let's get some more information out there. Every week NISA Nation will select a question posed to the twitter handle @TheNISANation and answer a question you may have. Some decorum needs to be considered (… and ...

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