a full year amateur league for independent clubs with aspirations of becoming a pro nisa club

“NISA continues to build the foundation for independent clubs, which will help ensure the stability and sustainability of the open system.
NISA was never intended to be just a league, but an Association of leagues linked together with a common cause.
Our affiliates along with NISA Nation are major ingredients of this structure. As the future unfolds it will become evident that we are building an Association that is here to stay.”

— John Prutch,
NISA Commissioner


The extended year-round league for all top quality independent clubs.

The number of regions will be determined by the clubs who commit to the league.

As more clubs join a region, sub-regions will form to reduce travel requirements.

No expansion fees. No franchise fees.

Continue playing in your current league.

Building pathways to go pro.

Be part of the next chapter of the open system.


Which region will announce first?
Follow NISA NATION to find out.